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3 Manchester United’s Worst Players Against Real Sociedad


Real Sociedad defeated Manchester United 1-0 in the match. A disappointing start to the team’s Europa League season at Old Trafford.

A questionable decision by the referee that resulted in a spot-kick being given to Manchester United in the second half did not help a bizarre night at Old Trafford.

Despite receiving assistance, Real Sociedad played strong defense and can feel like they deserved their victory. We learnt more about this team’s limits and it’s clear that Manchester United’s players are not happy with how their team played.

1. Fred

As Manchester United’s starting number 10, Fred acted as an advanced presser in front of Casemiro and Christian Eriksen in the middle.

His strong start assisted United in recovering the ball, and that is when the issues began. When Fred has the ball, his natural tendency is to play backwards rather than forwards.

At one point, he nearly gave United issues by passing backwards to David de Gea, giving Sociedad the chance to score.

In the first half, all of United’s attacking play went via Fred, which frequently caused the move to be slowed down, the wrong decisions to be made, or poorly completed passes to be made.

He was completely unsuccessful in the second half and only completed 36 passes all night.

2. Victor Lindelof

Victor Lindelof is not a right-back. However, we were once again forced to see the Swede play the position, which was an uncomfortable sight.

As a sign of his position in the hierarchy, he was moved to that area when Lisandro Martinez was added.

Lindelof performed admirably as center back in the first half, but he contributed little at right back. Although he’s not to blame, we don’t want to see this experiment carried out again.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo put on a dismal display; at 37, he is starting to look his actual age.

A younger Ronaldo would have sprinted off and buried the chance when he was put through on goal in the first half. This time, Ronaldo was stopped and taken away before he could even attempt a shot.

Ronaldo did score a header, but it was rightfully disallowed because he was too slow to return to his side of the field.

Ronaldo failed to produce anything in the second half as well, and in a last-ditch effort to get a penalty, he was forced to go down easily in the area. The referee wasn’t fooled.

Ronaldo has the opportunity to force his way back into Manchester United’s starting lineup in this match, but failed to capitalised.

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