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3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Vs The Rock Should Be A Non-Title match


The Great One will face the Tribal Chief at WWE WrestleMania 39, according to ringside. The Rock vs. Roman Reigns has been anticipated for years, but has never materialized due to the Rock’s extremely demanding Hollywood schedule. This time, though, WWE administration, led by Triple H, is adamant that the Samoan cousins’ super showdown take place in April of the following year.

Even though it’s too soon to predict this historic match because the mega event is still more than seven months away, if it does take place while Roman is still the champion, it should most definitely be a non-title match.

1. Roman Reigns vs The Rock should not be Predictable

The Rock can never be a full-time wrestler because of his careers as an actor and a businessman, despite being in possibly the finest form of his life.

As a result, he is unable to be a champion because doing so would require him to appear on television each week, something he simply cannot do given his other obligations. As a result, we can already predict that he won’t take home the title and will ultimately lose the contest.

2. Title opportunity for others

As a one-time deal, if The Rock isn’t going to be in the championship picture, that opens up a huge chance for other superstars who are regulars on RAW or SmackDown. If Roman is still the champion, they can confront him in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania as it won’t leave the championship vacant while the Brahma Bull waits.

Many long-time superstars in WWE already face a lack of title possibilities, and the company is frequently charged with undervaluing regular talent. Due to the title conflict with Reigns, there may be an opportunity for other talent to move to the head of the line.

3. Roman Reigns vs The Rock should be for the Head of the Table position

Even if the contest isn’t for a global championship, there should still be something at risk. because it increases how intriguing the match is. Rock and Reigns should be fighting over who gets to be the Head of the Table of the family as they both come from the same Anoa’i lineage.

This will personalize the conflict and lend it a more genuine air. This gives additional family members a chance to participate and, as a result, gain some attention for themselves. Those who succeed instantly take over as Head of the Table.

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