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3 Signs That May Show You Have Kidney Disease.


The kidney is a vital organ in the body that helps in flushing out wastes and extra fluid from the body.

When this organ is attacked by disease it becomes less effective in the removal of wastes and extra fluid.

According to WebMD, some of the indications of kidney disease are:

1. Muscle Cramps

Cramps in your legs and other parts of your body can show that you have poor kidney function. Imbalance in the sodium, calcium, potassium or other electrolyte levels can disrupt how your muscles and nerves function.

2. Itchy Skin

This may occur if your kidneys are unable to eliminate toxic substances and they accumulate in your blood. That can lead to a rash or make you itch all over. Over time, your kidneys may be unable to balance the minerals and nutrients in your body. This can cause mineral and bone disease, which can lead to itching and dryness of your skin.

3. Poor Sleep

Research has shown a possible association between sleep apnea and chronic kidney disease, which over time causes harm to your organs and may cause kidney failure. Sleep apnea may cause damage to your kidneys in part by stopping your body from getting enough oxygen. Chronic kidney disease in turn may lead to sleep apnea by narrowing your throat, toxic substance accumulation, and other ways.

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Muscle Cramps

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