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Amazon Prime is getting more expensive in Canada now, too

The cost of Amazon Prime is going up in Canada just months after the company announced a price increase for US subscribers.

The price increase marks the first hike for Canadian subscribers since the service launched there in 2013. Currently, Amazon charges $79 for an annual subscription or $8 monthly. After the price increase, Prime memberships in Canada will cost $99 per year or $10 per month. Student subscriptions will hike a dollar from $4 to $5.

Andrew Gouveia, a spokesperson for Amazon Canada, tells The Verge that the price change will go into effect on April 8th for new subscribers and after May 13th for existing members, who will see the price change reflected at the time of their renewal. The Toronto Star earlier reported the news.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that Prime memberships in the US would spike to the US $139 per year from the US $119 annually. Monthly memberships additionally jumped from $13 per month to $15 per month in the US.

In a statement this week, the company cited faster shipping, one-day delivery with no minimum purchase on select items, broadening Prime services, and a growing library of Prime Video originals among the ways that it’s expanding value for members.

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