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BBN: What Bella Told Phyna After She Attacked Her For Pouring Away Rachel’s Food To Defend Sheggz


After Bella poured away Rachel’s food in a means to defend her man, Sheggz it got quite a few housemates angry. Phyna responded to this as she attacked Bella for her bad behaviour but Bella has a response for Phyna as well.

Phyna approached Bella and cautioned her for throwing away food that another housemate suffered to cook in the kitchen. She told Bella that her actions were not good and because she is also a cook in the house she knows how bad Rachel will feel towards what she did to her food.

She said, “I swear Bella you did nonsense by throwing away Rachel’s food. You cannot try that with me. I cook in this house and I know how bad I will feel if you threw away my food”.

However, Bella told Phyna that she cannot do anything to her and she was just making noise.

She said to Phyna, “Bella you cannot do anything. What will you do to me if you were the one? You’re just making noise so keep quiet. You want to use me and chase clout”.

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