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Build government house, Obiano failed to do so, APC tells Soludo

The All Progressives Congress in Anambra State has told the new governor, Chukwuma Soludo, to build the state Government House, saying that his predecessor, Willie Obiano, failed to do so.

The party said Soludo must in any way not fail to give Anambra State a befitting Government House by March 17, 2025, which is the next swearing-in.

In a statement in Awka, on Thursday, the party’s state Publicity Secretary, Okelo Madukaife, said the party rejoiced with Ndi Anambra, as “one era of governance ends in the executive arm and another begins, retaining the same legislature.”

Madukaife welcomed Obiano to the league of ex-governors in the state and said the new government must not lack the courage to confront issues as they were.

He also said the party hoped that the new government being sworn in today would resolve all complications introduced into the Awka traffic system.

He berated Obiano for lacking the courage to deepen democracy in the state during his eight-year rule, unlike many other states did.

He congratulated the Anambra people and noted that from the onset, it has been difficult for APGA to raise courageous governors who could tackle the challenges of the state head-on.

He said, “We wish the eight-year state government led by Gov. Obiano had the courage to deepen democracy like many states, including all APC-governed states did or otherwise denounce it and take the state through alternative governance.

“We welcome the new government of Anambra State to the saddle, following the proposed 20-minute inauguration, and warn that given the enormity of work left to be done and still accruing, the honeymoon will be short, and more than speaking English Language and theatrics will be required for the right impact.

“To aid this goal, the outgoing government should unequivocally state in the public glare, what its successor is inheriting in finance, assets and all other indices as the farewell address- all prose and no hard facts or figures-has failed to do.

“Anambra State does not need any opacity in these indices to constitute a source of controversy between two governments as it was for Obi-Obiano transition or to become as an excuse for failure by the Chukwuma Soludo-led Government.”

He noted that Obiano had done his part adding that history would offer him his deserved place in the order, by merit.

Madukaife said, “When Obiano delivered a valedictory address to Anambra people on Wednesday from his hometown Aguleri, he spoke of ‘wins’ only in terms of his party winning elections, but forgot that the party was too afraid to face local government elections for eight years under his watch.

“However, looking beyond speaking like a party man and not a statesman, Obiano’s inability to address the state from a permanent Government House leaves a legacy deficit that could not have been cured by delivering his farewell address from Aguleri outside COVID-19 lockdown.

“We concede the former governor his modest contribution in progressing Anambra Airport to an operational level, building on the foundational efforts of previous governors, whose respective contributions were not honorably mentioned.

“We also acknowledge the decision of his government in its wisdom to prioritize a Convention Centre over a reputable Government House as an expression of Anambra Dreams, even when the latter is positioned in Awka Central District alongside the House of Assembly, Judiciary, the capitol (Ekwueme Square) and all ancillary government functions.”

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