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Cows Destroyed My Farms, And I Can’t Secure A Job With My LAUTECH Certificate — Lautech Graduate


A graduate of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Osunleke Alaba, who has been jobless for seven years, stormed the university on Monday and created a scene by saying he wanted to return his certificate and get a refund of his fees. He tells DANIEL AYANTOYE what prompted his action.

Cows used to disturb us. They destroyed my farm and that of the man beside mine. The man used to help with his tractor to clear my land. But cows destroyed our farms. I have been through a lot of things that I can’t be talking about now; let’s just leave it at that.

Many Facebook users have reacted to the headline on Facebook, Read reactions from three Facebook Users:

1. Seriously, bro I feel your pain but learn some skills, enter market, work under someone, learn the way then open your shop nothing is too small to begin with…. Majority of you graduates look down on small jobs or businesses which might be profitable…. Lower your pride Hustle bro .. majority of those in the Market get certificates…

2. In Nigeria, a degree is only important if you don’t have it. When you get it, you hear Masters is more important… After getting Masters, you hear again, PhD is important… After that, a Form 2 drop out and a village person in your area is elected and you hear, it is not about the papers, leaders are born, not made.

3. Can he return all the knowledge and experience he has acquired from the institution.. if they have to collect their certificate that means they have to reset is brain to that of the secondary school holder.

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Ladoke Akintola University of
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