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Didier Drogba Reacts At The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II.


Queen Elizabeth II of UK kicked the bucket at 96 years old on Thursday. The Queen was said to have died peacefully by the Royal Family.

Following the loss crowd had accumulated at the Buckingham Castle home in London on Thursday as concern was developing over the Queen’s wellbeing, however, the Queen had to give up the ghost, which saw many give pay their last respect to her, with Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba reacting to the death of the Queen.

Didier Drogba via his verified Twitter account, showed concerns over the loss of the monarch as he penned down a goodbye message to her, and also sending his condolences to the Royal Family.

Queen Elizabeth for the record, is the longest authoritative ruler in English history, as she arose to the position after World War II and ruled UK for a period of 70 years until death in 2022.

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