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Healthy Things Men Should Do After Sex, To Keep Their Private Organ Healthy

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

Healthy Things Men Should Do After Sex, To Keep Their Private Organ Healthy.



The male private organ, is one of the most important organs in a man’s body, which needs utmost care and attention.


Most men don’t know the healthy steps to take after intimacy, which this content will review some healthy things every man should do after love making with their partners, to keep their organ healthy.


As sourced from WebMD, below are the healthy things a man is recommended to do after intimacy.


1. One of the vital thing a man should do after intimacy, is the consumption of a glass of water, which can help strengthen the man, and make him hydrated.


Furthermore, the consumption of water can help the man urinate or pee the more, which in turn, help wash off some bacteria from the body.


2. Next healthy practice to do is emptying the bladder. Every man is recommended to empty his bladder after intimacy because during the point of intimacy, some bacteria can pass into the man’s urethra, known as the tube that moves urine out of the body.


Furthermore, when a man pees after intimacy, he possibly flushes out most germs out from the body.


3. Wear a loose-fitting outfit because if you wear tight wears, bacteria, and yeast can develop more because hot and sweaty body parts, are perfect spots for them to thrive.


However, when you wear loose clothes, air can pass through your body, and you feel more comfortable.


4. Washing of hands is another healthy practice that gets rid of bacteria the man might have picked from touching the female’s private organ.


So washing your hands can stop the bacteria from spreading, and make sure you wash your hands properly with soap and water.


5. Take care of any yeast infections if you notice any symptoms like itching and burning.


6. Lastly, the man should think about getting tested for any STDs, especially if you had the intimacy with a new partner.




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