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Jimmy Kimmel claims Andrew Garfield is a real-life ‘superhero who saved our lives’ at the Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel was saved by a real-life superhero during the Emmys, Monday. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Tuesday, he shared a story about a celebrity protecting his table from a rogue spearhead during the opening dance number.

“These dancers come out with spears,” Kimmel recalled.’And they’re banging the spears around. And about halfway through the dance, the tip of one of the spears comes flying off the handle straight at us, at our table. And out of nowhere, and I swear to God this happened, Andrew Garfield lunges forward and snatches it out of the air. Like Spider-Man!”

Andrew Garfield actually played the super-hero in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2015), and Spider-Man: Now Way Home (2021). So to say he knows a thing or two about being a hero is an understatement.

“Like he might really be Spider-Man,” Kimmel insisted. “Just as Spider-Man would have done were he in an undercover situation. His shirt came open. My wife almost had to be resuscitated.”

While Garfield saved the table, Kimmel saved the spearhead as a souvenir. Kimmel also shared a picture of himself, Garfield and the spearhead sitting at the Emmys.

“Well, here I am with the superhero who saved our lives,” Kimmel said. “With great power, comes great reflexes.”

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