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Lagos govt justifies vehicles auction, says review underway


The  Lagos State Government has defended the recent auction of 130 vehicles confiscated for various traffic offences by the Ministry of Justice and the State Taskforce.

The state Attorney-General/Commissioner for Justice, Moyosore Onigbanjo, stated this on Tuesday, during a programme on Channels TV, adding that the law will be reviewed.

He said, “The essence of the law is deterrence. Some people say the punishment is not appropriate but it depends on their perspectives. The government doesn’t set out to punish its citizens but there must be law and order. Whilst some will like to complain when these laws are enforced, the minute most Nigerians travel abroad, they comply with every law.

“Do not try to bring up sentiments after you must have put your means of livelihood in jeopardy by breaching the law. If you see the Lady of Justice, it is blindfolded, it doesn’t look at emotions; the law does not look at emotions. Why risk your means of livelihood if you know it is the only thing you have to sustain yourself economically? Why risk it by breaching the law?

“This issue of driving against traffic had become such a danger and such a menace to the society that something drastic had to be done and the legislators at that time imposed these penalties. There is a process to amend the law so people can go up to their representatives in the state House of Assembly and make agitations that in our view, this is draconian and we think you should change the law. That could kick-start the process but right now, there is a process to review the law.”

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