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Lil Reese Appears to Say He’ll Box 6ix9ine for Up to $10 Million

Lil Reese Appears to Say He’ll Box 6ix9ine for Up to $10 Million

Lil Reese may have proposed something that could possibly end his long-standing beef with 6ix9ine. The Chicago rapper seemingly appeared to have suggested that he’ll box Tekashi for upwards of $10 million.

On Sunday (April 24), Reese went on Twitter and slid into the comment section of boxing journalist Michael Benson’s tweet about boxer Tyson Fury’s overall payday after retaining his WBC heavyweight title belt against opponent Dillian Whyte in a boxing match on Saturday night (April 23). Although the “Come Outside” rapper doesn’t mention 6ix9ine by name, it appears he’s willing to box the Brooklyn rapper for a hefty sum of money.

“Shit I need to [be] a boxer ask that rat if he wanna box for 5 to 10mill,” Reese wrote in the comment section.

Although Reese does not mention any names, the only person he often refers to as a rat is his arch-nemesis 6ix9ine. Both rappers have been feuding back and forth for a couple of years now.

The beef between Reese and 6ix9ine started back in 2020 after Reese left a snarky comment on Tekashi’s Instagram post while the “Giné” rapper was promoting his forthcoming album, TattleTales, his first project since being released from home confinement after serving the remainder of his prison sentence on house arrest.

In response, 6ix9ine posted a clip of Reese getting jumped presumedly by a rival rapper and then uploaded a parody video of himself reenacting the incident, in which he can be seen in a brown-stained diaper. Since then, Reese and Tekashi have been occasionally throwing shots at each other on social media.

When fans on Twitter saw a blog post about Reese possibly suggesting that he will box 6ix9ine for $5-10 million, they chimed in with their thoughts about a possible boxing match between the two rival rappers.

“Lil Reese is disabled, it wouldn’t be a fair fight,” tweeted one person, referring to Reese’s vocal injury after being shot in the neck in 2019.

“Let [be] real here. 69 will duck any and all fights. He just a loud mouth kid. He will duck every physical activities,” wrote another person along with a tears of joy emoji.

It looks like Lil Reese is ready to step in the ring. Any challengers?

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