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Nigeria’s women worst-hit by APC’s misrule – Ayu

by ebor cletus ralph jr

Iyorchia Ayu, the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), branded the All Progressives Congress (APCprevious )’s seven-year tenure as a total disaster for Nigerians on Wednesday.

Ayu claimed that the APC misrule mostly affects women when she made this claim at the launch of the PDP Women Campaign Council in Abuja.
He promised that if Atiku Abubakar were elected the country’s president in 2023, the welfare of women would be given top priority.


Ayu said: “I always wonder at the capacity of a woman to not only work hard but to be resilient and to do so many things in one day. I think if a man works for eight hours a day, a woman works 16 hours a day. The management skill of a woman is second to none.

“I believe that without a woman, there can be no nation. That is why it is said that if you educate a woman, you educate a nation. If you empower a woman, you are empowering a nation.

“In this political party we give a special place to women, recognizing them as partners in progress, realizing that if you have women on your side, the party will be a big and gigantic family.

“Apart from saying that women who contest should not pay for form, that is affirmative action for women, we also went out of the way in the first 16 years of this party when we were in government, to ensure that women were reasonably represented in government.

“I’m happy to reveal to you that the driving force of that policy is my brother (Atiku) who is going to be the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“When he was the vice president of this country, I know exactly what he did in promoting women. Some of them he single-handedly headhunted because of their capacity and brought them into government. Many have become recognized not only nationally but internationally.”


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