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Panic as flood washes up corpses from cemetery in Bayelsa

by ebor cletus ralph jr

The flood that caused havoc in the community in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, has terrified the locals after many bodies were washed up from the Azikoro Government Cemetery.

On Tuesday morning, residents of the state capital awoke to the unpleasant smell of rotting corpses that had been uprooted and scattered over the neighbourhood.
Health issues in the neighbourhood have been heightened by this development.
Three floating corpses were found in the neighbourhood, according to Iselema Gbaranbiri, the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Environment, who confirmed the occurrence.
The dead were quickly removed and reburied, according to Gbaranbiri, who is also the chairman of the Bayelsa Flood Committee, while the affected area was fumigated.

He said: “The floating of corpses was actually reported. I got the report of a floating corpse, and I directed the head of health and sanitation to get the corpse reburied. Two more corpses were recovered and reburied, and the environment was properly fumigated.”

Residents of the area have also appealed to the state government to relocate the cemetery to safeguard public health.


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