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Presidency links improved power supply to Siemens deal

by ebor cletus ralph jr

The current Siemens initiative, which the Federal Government is brokering to strengthen the economy, has improved the nation’s power supply recently, according to the Presidency.

This claim was made on Tuesday during Channel TV Politics Today by Femi Adesina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Adviser for Media and Publicity.
He continued by saying that the situation has changed from what was previously possible.


Adesina pointed out that some transformers and power equipment had arrived in Nigeria as a result of the government’s agreement with Siemens in an effort to guarantee a greater supply of electricity.

The Presidential aide said, “Nigerians can’t say there has been no improvement in the supply of electricity since the inception of this administration. I just told you that some transformers came into the country under the Siemens deal recently. That isn’t tantamount to saying there is no movement, there is some movement and it will translate to better power for the country.

“In some parts of the country, Nigerians are experiencing better electricity supply and it will get better.

“We have an agreement with Siemens which is making progress now. It was slow at some point but for some weeks, we have seen transportation of different types of transformers and electrical equipment coming into the country. I can assure you there is progress.

“President Buhari is determined that before he leaves office in 2023, there will be significant progress in delivering electricity and power to Nigerians, and whatever it takes to do it, he would do.”


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