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Reasons Why You Feel Tired After Eating


Why is it that you constantly feel exhausted after eating?

According to Cleveland Clinic, it’s natural to experience a dip in your energy levels after eating, but there are procedures you can take to minimize the impacts.

Postprandial somnolence, that feeling of tiredness after eating, can be associated with several factors. Some of the foods you consume are capable of discharging certain hormones that may make you feel tired. When you eat can also partake in feeling fatigued. And the quantity of food you eat can play a role, too.

Another factor that can contribute is your sleep quality. Medical experts suggest that you should get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. But even if you experience difficulty sleeping one night, it can throw off your circadian rhythm, which makes your body to be out of whack throughout the day.

According to experts, everyone requires different quantities of rest.

Track the hours you sleep to enable you to find the magic number of hours your body needs to feel rested and refreshed all day long.

Also, be careful with alcohol, as it can make you feel lazier after a meal.

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