Inside the Mind of a Tech Bro Who Loves to Have Fun: I believe you can be both intelligent and interesting as a tech bro -Emmanuel Ezenagu | TrendyNewsReporters Inside the Mind of a Tech Bro Who Loves to Have Fun: I believe you can be both intelligent and interesting as a tech bro -Emmanuel Ezenagu | TrendyNewsReporters

Inside the Mind of a Tech Bro Who Loves to Have Fun: I believe you can be both intelligent and interesting as a tech bro -Emmanuel Ezenagu



When we think of the tech industry, words like “innovative,” “disruptive,” and “revolutionary” come to mind. But far too often, those responsible for these innovations and advancements are seen as boring and lacking in personality. 


The stereotype of the “tech bro” in the tech industry often conjures images of socially awkward, nerdy individuals who live and breathe code. Similarly, when you think of a software engineer, you might picture a solitary figure hunched over a computer, immersed in code. But one innovator is breaking that mold and proving that people in tech can be both interesting and fun.


Meet Emmanuel, a software engineer who is challenging the industry’s perception of tech professionals with his unique approach to work and life. He is proving that people in the tech space can be interesting and fun, and he’s doing it with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.


“I am that fun tech bro that is interesting. I don’t subscribe to the belief that one has to be boring to be successful in tech,” says Emmanuel.


What distinguishes Emmanuel from his contemporaries is his ability to infuse fun and creativity into everything he does, including his free time.


“When I’m not coding, I make an effort to improve myself in other areas of life such as staying informed about current events and trends.” This not only enhances my social interactions, but also allows me to have more meaningful and enjoyable conversations with others. I generally spend my free time with friends and loved ones, discussing the things I have learned and been exposed to, as well as the latest developments and trends. I find this to be both beneficial and pleasurable, and it is what I value most. “Spending time with friends and family is incredibly fulfilling for me,” says Emmanuel.


“I believe it’s critical to remember that we are all human beings, not robots,” Emmanuel adds.

“Bringing a little fun and creativity into our work lives can not only make us happier and more productive, but it can also lead to more innovative and successful projects.”


When asked about how being in the tech industry has influenced or impacted his personal interests and hobbies, Emmanuel responds, “Indeed, technology has changed some of my habits and priorities. There are things I used to do before I became fully immersed in technology that I no longer do as I now prioritize my career above everything else in my hierarchy of priorities. However, technology has not entirely eliminated all of my hobbies and activities for leisure. I still engage in them, but in accordance with their level of priority, creating a healthy work-life balance. I have discontinued a few activities that I previously pursued, but it was a necessary decision to make in order to focus on my career. However, I find fulfillment in technology, and it has become a substitute for the things I find interesting. It has not completely replaced everything else; it has just become an important part of my life and priorities.”


How do you stay engaged and motivated in your work while also making time for leisure activities?


I am self-motivated. Discipline is more important to me than motivation. I don’t rely on external sources for motivation, and I believe that discipline is the foundation for motivation. Motivation is the by-product of discipline, not the other way around. To achieve my goals and make the most of myself, I also make sure to take breaks and engage in activities like reading a book or watching a movie during my break time. It is essential to take breaks in order to re-energize and refocus.


With his unique approach and undeniable success, Emmanuel is rapidly becoming an inspiration for tech professionals everywhere, showing that people in the tech space can be both interesting and fun. 


This proves that the tech space is not only about coding and circuit boards; it’s also about people. Tech professionals, like everyone else, have hobbies, passions, and personalities that set them apart and make them interesting. The next time you think of the tech industry, don’t just think about the technology—think about the people behind it.


 Despite the stereotype of tech bros being dull and uninteresting, Emmanuel demonstrates that this couldn’t be further from the truth, as there are many individuals in the tech space who, like him, are not only brilliant minds but also fun-loving and dynamic personalities.


Emmanuel proves that tech bros can be just as interesting and fun as anyone else. He’s a well-rounded individual with a wide range of interests and passions. He’s a shining example of how the stereotypes of tech professionals can be broken and that anyone can be interesting regardless of their profession.


When asked, how do you think the tech industry can break the stereotype of being “boring” and attract more diverse and fun-loving individuals and also change its perception and be seen as a fun and exciting industry to work in, he responds,


“I believe that through enlightenment and education, the tech industry can break the stereotype. Many people in tech who are often labeled as boring are actually very clever and intelligent, but they may not have had many opportunities to socialize and communicate with others. I used to be more introverted myself, but I realized that there were many things I was missing out on by not being socially engaged. I had to build the confidence to put myself out there. 


Additionally, companies and organizations in the tech industry can also play a role in breaking this stereotype by creating a culture that values and encourages individuality, personal interests, and hobbies among their employees. They can also actively work on promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, which can attract a more diverse group of individuals who bring different perspectives, ideas, and personalities. Offering opportunities for employees to bond and connect outside of work, such as team-building activities and social events, can also help create a more fun and engaging work environment.”


Emmanuel’s perspective on the tech space is both novel and inspiring. He’s showing that it’s possible to be a successful tech entrepreneur and still have a life outside of work. He’s proving that people in the tech space can be interesting and fun, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


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