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Wack 100 Says Tory Lanez Is Real Victim in Megan Shooting

Wack 100 has convinced himself that Tory Lanez is the actual victim in the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident.

On Monday (April 25), hours after an exclusive CBS interview aired where Megan Thee Stallion tearfully recounts the shooting, artist manager and label exec Wack 100 weighed in on the interview via social media.

Wack shared a video snippet of the CBS interview where Megan admits she initially told the authorities she stepped on the glass out of fear that the police would act drastically if they knew there was a loaded gun in the vehicle. Wack thinks that fib proves Megan is lying about who shot her.

“Not only did we say you lied ‘YOU’ said ‘YOU’ lied,” Wack 100 captioned the video. “Now it went from saying you stepped on the glass to a gunshot to the foot to I didn’t want them to kill any of us‼️ I’m crying for @torylanez the REAL VICTIM ‼️ all this needs to stop No DNA or prints on the gun and she’s still going. Guess we can call it the little boy that cried wolf. After all a #Stallion is a #Colt at birthright ‼️ hope that didn’t go over ya heads.”



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In Megan’s new interview, she goes into detail about what she says happened on the night of July 12, 2020, when she was shot following a spat in an SUV that was occupied by Megan, Tory, Megan’s friend, Kelsey Harris, and Tory’s bodyguard. Megan also alleged Tory Lanez tried to bribe her into not telling the police he shot her by offering a $1 million payout immediately after the shooting.

“I didn’t want them to kill any of us, or shoot any of us,” Megan gives as the reason she did not tell the police she was shot immediately. “Even though this person just did this to me, my first reaction still was to try to save us. I didn’t want to see anybody die.”

Tory Lanez has maintained his innocence in the case in which he has been charged with one felony count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm—personal use of a firearm—and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. He entered a not guilty plea in November 2020 and is ready to take the case to trial.

Curiously, Wack 100 initially had Megan Thee Stallion’s back after the Houston rapper came out and confirmed she was shot by Tory. “@theestallion is a -CIVILIAN- She can’t be classified as a SNITCH CIVILIANS TELL THE TRUTH,” Wack wrote on Instagram after people began calling Megan a snitch.

A pre-trial hearing for the case is set for June 9.

See Megan Thee Stallion’s full interview with CBS below.

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