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Xavi’s secret instructions for Ferran Torres during Barcelona vs Victoria Plzen


Barcelona’s 5-1 victory over the champions of the Czech Republic, Viktoria Plzen, in their opening match of the 2022–23 UEFA Champions League was remarkable.

On his Champions League debut with the Blaugrana, Robert Lewandowski scored three goals, and as a result, he was chosen as the UCL Player of the Week.

Ousmane Dembele and Pedri both put in standout performances, and Ferran Torres, who has had to make do with a smaller role this season, also left a lasting impression after entering the game as a substitute.

The former Manchester City forward made it 5-1 with a beautiful volley that was selected as the second-best UCL Goal of the Week.

Torres was the subject of numerous talks in addition to his goal, though, because of an incident that occurred in the closing minutes of the game. During the game’s closing stages, manager Xavi Hernandez gave a piece of paper containing instructions to the 22-year-old Spanish international via young player Pablo Torre.

As they pondered what message Xavi might have conveyed his assailant, the supporters were really intrigued by it. When the manager was questioned about it after the game, he did not reveal much, and Torre, who served as the messenger, said that he did not understand what was written.

The information about the chit that Ferran received from the Barcelona manager has now been made public by Mundo Deportivo. According to the newspaper, Aleix Garcia, a reader and a member of Barça, collected the original paper from the stadium after the game and gave it to them.

When Torre entered the game in place of Franck Kessie in the 81st minute, he gave Ferran the paper. The 22-year-old was given instructions for the defensive portion of the match because Barcelona was trying to wrap things up at the moment.

The first of the paper’s three specific criticisms of Torres concerned his responsibilities when defending corner kicks. Lukas Hejda, the #2 player for Viktoria Plzen, was to be targeted by the Spaniard, according to Xavi.

In the second point, defensive fouls were to be committed on the wings in the first line, and in the third point, Torres was to occupy the fourth place in the wall if the opponents were awarded a free kick.

The rest of it demonstrates how Xavi pays attention to even the smallest details. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that Barcelona have made great progress under his leadership and appear to be moving in the right path.

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