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18-Month-Old Boy Dies After Shelling In Mariupol

by Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

Kirill, an 18-month-old boy, was transported to the hospital after being injured in Mariupol, Ukraine, by a Russian shell bombardment.

Marina Yatsko and her boyfriend, Fedor, took Kirill to the hospital on Friday, March 4, where medical personnel worked desperately to save his life but he died.

The mother, Marina, and her boyfriend, Fedor, are shown in video footage shared by Sky News running into a hospital with the unconscious youngster.

As Kirill’s heart appears to have stopped and a defibrillator is used, doctors place an oxygen mask over his face and massage his chest.

But he can’t be rescued, and a doctor sits on his haunches at the far end of the room, staring down at the floor, trying to make sense of what he’s just seen.

Marina is inconsolable outside, in the corridor. She stands up, cries “why, why, why,” and turns to her partner, who embraces her in his arms and holds her up while she sobs on his shoulder.

Marina and Fedor enter the room to find Kirill, who is wrapped in a blanket.

His mother spreads out the blanket, softly kisses her deceased son on the cheek, and then pulls the blanket back over his face.

The hospital is in bad shape, according to the employees, as the Russian assault on the surrounded city continues.

“We continue to work despite the lack of energy, weather, and heat,” Dr. Evgeniy Dubrov remarked.

“We haven’t taken a break in over a week.”

Despite Russia’s own agreement to stop fire, Ukrainian officials accused Russia of bombarding the city and civilian areas on Saturday, March 5. The US also saw a shift in Russian strategy, with more attacks on civilians and residential areas.



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