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“All Your Big Men And Women Are Ritualists” – Seun Kuti

A Nigerian Afrobeat vocalist Anikulapo Oluseun known as Seun Kuti guarantee that a large portion of the affluent individuals in Nigeria are into cash Ritual.

The cash Ritual issue has caused issue all over Nigeria as of late, that certain individuals kill their kindred human professing to utilize them to obtain cash.

He clarified further that no well-off human can say the person in question isn’t into cash Ritual in Nigeria.

In the most natural-sounding way for him;

“almost 100% of the abundance in the nation is acquired by forfeiting the lives and predeterminations of millions of Nigerians, that is the genuine cash custom!!”

“You think say na conventional eye dey make Dangote trailer no get brake? Then, at that point, crush youngsters to a ridiculous degree?

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“Abi na normal eye building dey take breakdown kill youngsters for school? Every one of the lives Wey terrible streets dey take? Every one of the avoidable passings in our emergency clinic?

“Listen NIGERIA ITSELF IS A MONEY RITUAL! and all your huge people are RITUALISTS Abi na customary eye Hairdresser dey take turn Oil Mogul? Abeg makes una shift. #getthesax”

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