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Burna Boy: Why I Would Have Punched Wizkid


Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy has once more targeted Wizkid‘s fans. 

When a commenter pointed out that the star singer did not have the most certified African albums or the best-selling African records globally, The African Giant cited some of his most recent accomplishments in a post that has since been removed from his verified Twitter account. 

Yousouf N’Dour, a Senegalese singer, songwriter, musician, composer, actor, businessman, and politician, reportedly has the most certified African album. The tweeter continued by stating that Wizkid’s album is the best-selling African album worldwide.

The Last Last artist addressed the allegations in the removed post by outlining some of his accomplishments and threatening to strike Wizkid in the face the next time the two crossed paths in order to put an end to his Twitter detractors. He further asserted that he is not Davido, the music artist. 

Regarding the success of his 2019 album, the musician wrote, “African Giant – Platinum in the Netherlands; Gold in the UK; Gold in Belgium; Gold in France.” There are still four more certs coming for this 2019 album. The second album, “Global Drum Project,” was not “His” album; rather, it was a collaboration between Mickey Hart, Giovanni Hildalgo, Zakir Hussein, and Sikiru Adepoju. The FC OLODO.

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