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Mother Of Molested Schoolgirl Opens up.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

The mother of the schoolgirl who was reportedly molested by her fellow students while they were in Dubai for a competition has spoken up about the incident.


It was earlier reported that the 10-year-old girl was sexually abused by her fellow students. The whistleblower, Ubi Franklin stated that the incident happened in Dubai where the students had gone to represent their school in a competition.



Ubi Franklin stated that the girl was filmed while being molested by her fellow students. After the act, they allegedly posted the video on instagram. However, the school management did not inform the girl’s parents about the incident until they found out from another parent who showed them the video.

The mother of the girl has narrated what happened to her daughter. She said about a month ago, her daughter’s head teacher called her for a meeting. She said she was told in the meeting that they found out that her daughter participated in a Truth-or-dare game and was dared to kiss a guy which she obliged.


She said that the head teacher advised her to withdraw her daughter’s phone from her and caution her to abstain from such act. She also told her not to inform the child’s father about the kissing act.


Three weeks after the conversation, she said she was invited for another zoom meeting with the head teacher and some other persons. During the meeting, she said she had a feeling that they were withholding some information from her because they were speaking in parables.


She said the following day after the meeting, a parent called her attention to a trending issue in her daughter’s school. The parent then showed her the video of her daughter which has gone viral in the school.



She said while beating her daughter, her daughter narrated how it happened and why she never spoke about it to her. She said her daughter told her that she was threatened by their head teacher not to tell her parents about her.


Narrating how it happened, the woman said her daughter told her that when they were in Dubai, one of the boys told her to borrow him her phone charger. Later in the evening, the boy called her to come to his room (the hotel room where they were lodged for the competition in Dubai) to get her charger.


On getting to the room, she said her daughter was told to pick up her phone charger in the toilet where she got hijacked and fed with a substance. After taking the substance, she said she didn’t know what she was doing.


“When she got there, they opened the door and one of them asked her to take her charger from the toilet. It was when she entered the toilet that they hijacked her and told her to take a substance. So, they were all under the influence of drug. After that, she did not know what she was doing again” –she narrated.


She called on well-meaning Nigerians to help her get justice for her daughter. She noted that the school management was trying to conceal the issue. She said they kept it from her for over one month until she found the video from another parent in the school.



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