Should Real Madrid be alarmed after Benzema's knee injury against Celtic? - TrendyNewsReporters Should Real Madrid be alarmed after Benzema's knee injury against Celtic? - TrendyNewsReporters

Should Real Madrid be alarmed after Benzema’s knee injury against Celtic?


Real Madrid won convincingly against Celtic as should be expected but they may have paid a very big price for that victory. Not a few fans were left with their hearts thumping when Karim Benzema limped off at 30 minutes with a knee injury. Eden Hazard gave the fans something to cheer when he scored and provided an assist but what is happening with the Real Madrid?

Unfortunately Real Madrid has become a team built around one man. Recently any time Benzema is injured Real Madrid are often a shadow of themselves. It affected them briefly last season and there is no doubt they cannot afford to lose him now. With Barcelona already breathing down the neck of Real Madrid and slip ups will cause them to lose their slim edge. It is hoped that the injury Benzema suffered is a minor knock because anything major can derail Ancelottti’s men badly.

It is not just about scoring goals. Karim Benzema boosts Real Madrid’s confidence just by the way he plays. He is a leader on and off the pitch and he knows how to raise his game when the chips are down. It is not yet known if his injury is serious but the very thought of playing without him can affect Real Madrid negatively. On paper there are players that can replace Karim Benzema but none of them can match his quality. This explains the reason why the fans are concerned.

Maybe this will be a good time for Real Madrid to think outside the box and get players that can step up when Benzema is not disposed. Eden Hazard did that against Celtic and with some consistency he too can start making a difference for Los Blancos. It is also obvious that with so many games to play, Karim Benzema needs to rest once in a while. Being absent for a week or two will give Ancelotti to tweak the team a little bit to see what works when Benzema is playing well which rarely ever happens.

The good thing is that Real Madrid have won all their matches in all competitions so far this season. The team is used to winning and may sustain it with or without Karim Benzema once it is not a long injury lay off for the Frenchman.

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