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4 Tips To Prevent Viruses From Causing Cancer.


According to VeryWellHealth, most of the viruses that can result in cancer are spread from person to person. Other pathogens (germs) like bacteria and parasites are also associated with cancer development.

Prevention is a key factor in the avoidance of cancer as a complication of any infection. Prevention tips can include:

1. Vaccinations

Try to get vaccinated when possible. There are vaccinations for some of the viruses such as human papillomavirus and hepatitis B virus. For others, such as hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV, vaccinations are not available.

2. Try to avoid risky behaviours

Avoid behaviours like the sharing of needles or having unprotected intercourse.

3. Screening and testing

Keep up with suggested screening and testing when available.

4. Boost your immune system

Adopt healthy such as eating right, managing stress, having rest, and exercising to strengthen your immune system. A suppressed immune system can increase the risk of some viruses that can lead to cancers.

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