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5 Tips For Dealing With A Toxic Boss

Toxic environments in the workplace are more popular, and dealing with horrible bosses can be likened to walking on hot stones every day.  Since you spend most of your time at work, walking on eggshells around your office and boss could have a more devastating impact on your mental health than you think. As these

bosses are in complete control of your professional life, it is virtually impossible to avoid them, which allows for feelings of anxiety, fear, and entrapment. 

And in many cases, resigning or leaving said organization might not be an option. So, how do you deal with working for these toxic bosses while trying to avoid a confrontation? 

Here are some great tips for dealing with toxic bosses every day:

  • Ask questions:

When dealing with a toxic boss, it’s better to seek clarity than make assumptions. While there’s a given that you’ll most likely be yelled at for asking the right questions, you’d also have to deal with them yelling at you for not doing things their way or making a mistake off your assumption. And since there’s no winning in this case, it’s better to ask any questions you might have or seek clarity on confusion. 

Communication is definitely key to a better working relationship and also doubles as a great boost to your emotional intelligence. 

  • Do your job: 

While trying to keep your head down and stay out of trouble, this shouldn’t stop you from getting your own done. So don’t just do your work, do it well; chances are if you get your work done well and in time, there’s much less to yell at and fewer allegations to throw around. 

Doing your job well also makes you even less of a target. 

  • Don’t take the bait: 

Toxic people are very good at baiting. They love to pull you into drama, and if you fall for it, which they expect you to, the backlash is always terrible. 

To maintain an emotionally safe distance, by not letting their negative behaviors and actions get under your skin. Your safest bet is to keep your relationship strictly professional and functional. While they might find this frustration and nitpick at you, all you have to do is see them as another part of work, with no room for chit-chat or shouting matches. 

Set boundaries, and don’t take their comments personally; also, be sure to control your reactions to whatever drama they might make 

  • Don’t talk about them 

Except you’re talking to your therapist, maintain your sanity by not gossiping about your toxic bosses, especially with your colleagues. Don’t divulge into negativity and personal attacks because if word gets back to their eyes; you might need more than therapy to fix the attack they’ll bring you on. 

If you feel the need to talk to someone, consider speaking to HR; sometimes, HR might not be a great help but reporting professionally to them is a lot better than making snide comments. 

  • Receipts! Receipts!!

If there’s any better tie to keep receipts, it’s while working with a toxic boss because you’d definitely need all that proof for your lawsuit. When keeping records, avoid embellishing details; stick to the facts only. 

If you could get witnesses to corroborate your claims, that would help even more. So remove vague references, hearsay, or third-party opinions from your records. A pattern of verified toxic behavior would strengthen your case. 

  • Remember, you can always walk away

Another vital detail to remember is that there is always an option to walk away when dealing with a toxic boss regardless of the job, position, or pay. Your mental health is important and that is the only thing that should matter. 

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