‘All it takes to be a good person is a decision to be a good person’ – Omoye Ohiku, a singe mom of three. – TrendyNewsReporters

‘All it takes to be a good person is a decision to be a good person’ – Omoye Ohiku, a singe mom of three.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.

Omoye Ohiku is not a household name. She is not a celebrity in the true sense of the world. She’s just your regular single mom, who is never scared to make her position known, on contemporary issues across a wide spectrum of subjects.

It is her nature that, you either accept her the way she is or you take a walk. Once in a while, she tells a story and I personally get blown away by it. This is one of such…

As a newly separated-divorced single mother of three little children, I moved from Ajah to Ago palace way.

I had moved my kids school from Chrisland School VGC to Queensland School Okota.

I went to pick my kids from school one afternoon, I saw a young lady like me with three little kids, about my children’s age, and I offered her a ride.

Coincidentally, she lives close by where I live. On our way, we got talking and she told me she was newly windowed.

I was touched. I am carrying three children with my ex-husband paying rent, tuition and I am on monthly allowance, and here is a widow with three children🙄

So, instead of taking them home, I took her and the kids to my place and everything in between before going to drop them at their place.

That became our everyday routine until I left.

That lady is on this platform today reading my story of how God has used strangers to help me in America.

In life, you pay everything forward. Good or bad! We all reap what we sow.

All it takes to be a good person is a decision to be a good person.

In today’s world of “cruise”, everyone wants to connected with people who’re making it, just to belong.

“Whatsoever ye do to the least of my brethren, that ye do unto me”~~~ Bible.

Everyone faces challenges, but if you’re a good person with a kind heart, with genuine intentions, you can never suffer in this life. even in the midst of your challenges, you will see God’s hands everyday.

I repeat: if your life is tight, check your heart and make amends because God is always faithful. She will never let you suffer and look on…

Often times, we get carried away and forget that we pay everything forward. Your actions, deeds, thoughts towards others…


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