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How Comedy Has Helped Amarachi Amus Become A Successful Woman.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.



TrendyNews can reveal that, Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy on Instagram, has recently been making waves online. Prior to her rise to fame, she was just a regular Nigerian young lady out there without much to brag about. However, TrendyNews will be looking at how she has grown ever since she started playing hilarious roles in different comedy skits.


Amarachi, who started playing the role of two people in different skits, attracted the attention of many due to her creativity and passion while on the stage. She started gathering fans as many came to know of her hilarious comedies.


The comedian has been able to achieve a sizeable fan base on Instagram as her followers have amounted to over one million and counting. The followers on her page have also been of great benefit to her as a result of her getting paid for every sponsored post she makes.


Aside from that, she has been able to acquire a luxurious apartment, which she showcased online.

She received several congratulatory messages from people as this was one of her greatest achievements.



The comedian has also gotten several endorsements from different brands as a result of her popularity and fame.


TrendyNews hopes she continues to grow as each day goes by.



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