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Igbos Would’ve Been Forgotten If Not For The Movement Of Peter Obi, I Love What He’s Doing -Umahi


Ebonyi State Governor Dave Umahi said that Peter Obi‘s desire to be president makes the South East geopolitical zone important. Obi is a candidate for the Labour Party.

According to Daily Post, Umahi was at the Presidential Villa in Abuja to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari and let him know that a new Governors’ Lodge had been finished in Asokoro. He did not publicly support the Labour Party candidate, but he did say that Obi’s plans to run for president would be good for the region.

In response to questions about whether the South-East is ready for the presidency, he cited the APC primaries and said, “What happened during the PDP and APC primaries was a kind of miscalculation by people, but to say whether they’re ready for the presidency of the country at any time, I think Peter Obi‘s movement is an eye-opener.”

“This is why I stated that I love what he is doing. I am inspired by his actions. Because if he were not doing what he is doing, the South East would be forgotten. So, if my party were to win, he would have laid a solid foundation for the South East Presidency, ensuring that nobody would write us off.

As you can see, his degree of popularity does not translate into a triumph over APC. I am certain of this, but the motion is effective. It also assures the people of the South East and the rest of the country that we are accepted and will one day be President of this country.It is of vital importance.

“The Peter Obi movement is founded on equity, justice, and fairness. It may not translate into an outright victory because I must defend my party, I must wish my party well, and I am running on my party’s ticket. Not only in the South East does what he is doing have significance, but also there. Therefore, we must never link the violence in the South-east to this movement.

“The movement of Peter Obi and all movements are based on God’s will; only God knows who will win, but there must be a wish. As a party man, I wish for our party’s victory. And if God says no, I wish for Peter Obi to be the next winner. It should go to the south because, in my opinion, there is no moral justification for the north to ask for another eight years after it has already occupied them for eight years. I will repeat this everywhere I am asked.

Therefore, I do not wish Peter Obi ill. He has the final say and all authority; he grants it to whomever he pleases.

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