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Jandor declares Lagos gov bid, justifies defection to PDP

THE leader of the Lagos4Lagos Movement, Mr. Olajide Adediran, popularly known as Jandor, has formally declared his interest to contest the Lagos State governorship election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party in 2023.

Adediran, who defected from the All Progressives Congress to join the PDP, made the declaration on Thursday during an event attended by party members and supporters in Ikeja GRA.

He said, “In the process of my journey and being in that corridor of power as a consultant to the office of the governor of Lagos State, my eyes were opened to a lot of things and I asked myself, ‘Is this how things will continue?’ The year 2011 was the first time that I sat down and came to the realization that an heir has been made a servant because the detractors have sat on his father’s inheritance, yet he was seeing what was happening around him.

“I said the only way we can resolve this unfair dominance in Lagos is by seizing that executive power. And it was clear to us that for us to see that power in the APC, we would first have to commit the first unpardonable sin. There is a sin one must not commit as a party member of the APC and that sin applies whether you are a politician or public office holder or appointee.

“Within that circle, you must not have a structure, and I say it again, no politician in Lagos within that party, either serving or anything, that can put forth his own personal structure. Only one man must have a structure and the moment he puts that up, you are going nowhere.

“We committed that unpardonable sin by making sure we put up a structure which they know could wrest the power away from them. They said we were not many, but we proved them wrong. Then we came to the conclusion that we needed to break that place, reduce their own number and join it to another party that was doing fairly well in the state, and that is how we took the PDP as our home.”

Adediran added that if he won the ticket, he would work together with other aspirants and not make it a one-man affair.

He added, “I am aware that there are others also aspiring for the governorship of Lagos State, and some of them have been saying if we win the ticket, we will make it a whole party affair, but the truth is, I will not do this.

“We will need to work together with all these other people even when I win; they should also tell us what they will do so we can win. For example, only eight Lagos4Lagos aspirants out of 40 are contesting for the House of Assembly and four out of 24 are contesting for the House of Representatives.

“If I eventually win, they can be the deputy or commissioners and fill other positions in the ministries and parastatals. There are 24 ministries in Lagos State and there are over 100 parastatals, is it possible for us alone to occupy them? No. Any one of them who can be a Director-General or Executive Director, we will accept them.”

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