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Should we look for a Relationship on the Internet?

There is an ongoing question: “Is it possible to build a healthy relationship on the Internet?” Or at least use online dating sites as a tool or a starting point? Apparently yes, but it is not as simple as one may think. There are always plenty of stories about failures, scams, and negative experiences on dating sites. So, does it work at all? Let’s try to think about it.

As an idea

If we try to forget for a moment all those scamming cases and think of online dating as a concept. Internet dating is the service that enables people to introduce themselves online, find necessary connections and develop personal relationships. In a perfect world, it would be an extremely useful and effective tool.

But as in any business, there is plenty of scamming that comes from community members and the platform itself. So, start with the question of which online dating site is the best? Try to eliminate the risks that come from the service itself. Most of the best modern online dating websites have profile checking systems, anti-spam and anti-fraud software. So, use only reliable services.

Get it started

The pandemic has brought many changes to our habitual life, making it more challenging and complicated to get used to our new lifestyle. The changes have touched upon everything from the way we shop and meet with friends to how we search for our true soulmates.

For some people, online dating is the best option to step toward a future relationship. So, let’s see how to do it smartly.

First of all, create your personal profile. Add some images that show your appearance, hobbies, and interests. Provide a brief description of your profile. Give more information about yourself and who exactly you are looking for. This way you attract more attention from the right people for you.

Just chat

It is much easier to communicate online. In fact, most modern dating sites provide you with some tools that make it even easier. For instance, you can give a “like” to someone’s account, “wink” them, send a “Hi” message, etc.

Then there is a flirting time when you can have some brief conversations that help you understand the person better. For girls, there is a nice tutorial on how to flirt with a guy. It’s a nice guide that helps to do everything correctly and not scare him away.

The good thing about online dating is that you can communicate with several people at the same time. And that’s considered normal as opposed to offline life.

Define your needs and expectations and don’t waste your time on people that potentially don’t suit you.

Deeper and deeper

When the exploration stage is over and you found the person with whom you want to try to build a relationship, you can go further.

There are 8 important steps to build a healthy relationship. They include crucial things, like agreeing upon key things, accepting the interests of each other, resolving conflicts by finding compromises, etc. They are all true for online dating.

But here is an interesting example. What if you really like your colleague? It’s a very sensitive case, but it happens quite often. On one hand, you really like this person and what to try to build a relationship, but on the other hand, we have all the potential negative consequences in case it does not work. Here is a nice article on how to date a coworker and not to get into trouble. Make sure to follow all the mentioned steps there.


We are all came here to this world to be happy. But in a relationship not only do we have to take care of ourselves, but also to make the other person happy.

As strange as it may sound some people don’t know how to be happy. This may ruin their relationship. There are 10 keys to a happy relationship. So, try to understand what makes you and your partner happy. And try to stay away from the things that make you sad. The more great moments you share the stronger your couple is.


We were trying to answer the question: “Does dating online work?” And is Internet communication worth it at all?

Well, for some people it’s a good tool to overcome their fears, for others, it’s a place where they can have some fun.

We all live in an imperfect world. Therefore there are always some pros and cons, as well as some obstacles. But if you do everything correctly, you certainly have a chance to build a healthy relationship. Good Luck!

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