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5 Tips for men that take everything into their own hands

As we all know any relationship is a combination of efforts from both sides. But sometimes guys want to take full control of this process. And it certainly works for some girls. Moreover, some of them really want this to happen. Therefore here are some tips for men who are used to keeping everything under control and doing everything on their own.

First Dates

As we all know, the first 3 dates are the most important ones. Usually, 3 dates are more than enough to determine whether your relationship has any chances to grow into something bigger.

If you take everything under your control you need to determine what you are going to do during these 3 dates. And here are some tips. Your first date should be dedicated completely to exploring each other. let her talk, ask some questions and answer her questions. Therefore try to arrange it somewhere where you can easily communicate. Some silent cafes or parks should be good.

Timing is also important. For instance, do you know how long you should wait between the first and the second date? In fact, it depends on different factors. Also, according to demographic research, in order to have a successful relationship, your first kiss should happen on the second date (not on the first one). Also, it should be special. It is super important for your girlfriend because she has to tell her something to her friends, right? Here is the list of the best romantic first kiss ideas.

Now let’s cover quite a delicate question of who pays for a date? In fact, the answer will be rather different for different countries and cultures. For example, in Eastern Europe, guys pay for the entire date whatsoever. It will be weird if a girl pays for anything there. While in Europe or America it is fine when at some stage of a relationship a woman pays for a date (or at least for herself). So, when should a woman pay for a date? For guys that take everything into their own hands it’s not a question, right?

Internet Dating

Quite a popular nowadays is internet dating. Now you can build a relationship with the person without an actual offline date. In our busy times, it’s a great feature.

All you need to do is to determine your needs, find the right site and go ahead and start your search. Obvious advantage of a dating site is that there are people that look exactly the same – to meet someone.

Also if you ever dreamt to meet someone from abroad you have this opportunity. A good example is the VictoriyaClub dating service that connects guys from the USA and Europe with girls from Slavic countries. Here is the detailed VictoriyaClub review. And also here is a nice post on how to win a Ukrainian woman’s heart.

When it is serious

When you feel that your relationship turns into something serious you cannot slow down so that feelings do not fade away. Everything should be developed at an accurate pace.

Also, it is super important to make each step correctly. For example, you must know how to tell a girl you love her. It’s similar to your first kiss. There should be the right time and place.

The next topic we should cover is an intimate life. Traditionally men are initiators of this. You need to understand what turns your woman on. Some girls are quite shy when it comes to discussing this, but super daring when they are hot. Also, you should know what happens when a girl gets turned on. It is rather different from what men feel.

Wrap Up

So, these are the top 5 tips for men that take everything into their own hands while building their relationships. Hope they are helpful. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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