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Health Benefits Of Consuming Tiger Nuts And Meals That Could Be Prepared From Tiger Nut


According to “WebMD”, Tiger nuts are also known as chufa nuts or earth almonds. They are small root vegetables also called tubers. The presence of stripes on their exteriors gives them the name tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts are the size of chickpeas with a slightly sweet and coconut-like flavor. They are starchy and fibrous and a little hard to chew. They are the perfect snack option since you can enjoy their nutty and creamy flavor and fill up your fiber intake for the day.

Here are nine ways to use them:

– Whole tiger nut.

– Tiger nut milk.

– Tiger nut cookies.

– Tiger nut pancakes.

– Tiger nut flour.

– Tiger nut ice cream.

– Tiger nut bread.

– Tiger nut burgers.

Below are the health benefits of consuming tiger nuts.

1. Improves blood circulation.

According to “Everydayhealth”, Tiger nuts come with the amino acid arginine, which is converted to nitric oxide in the body while serving as a neurotransmitter. This property does not only improve blood circulation but also ensures that the blood vessels are kept at the optimal state, and this, in turn, prevents certain health conditions, including chest pain, heart diseases, clogged arteries as well as muscle cramps. This means that tiger nuts are great for improving cardiovascular health.

2. Suitable for diabetic patients.

Sugar-free tiger nut milk is of benefit to people suffering from diabetes. It helps with weight control. The carbohydrate with the base of sucrose and starch (without glucose) are suitable for diabetes. Also, the arginine content helps to regulate the hormones that produce insulin.

3. Tiger nut oil properties compete with olive oil.

According to “Mayoclinic”, tiger nut oil has nothing to envy about traditional oil. Its oil is full of healthy power. Because of its high levels of oleic acid (monounsaturated), this liquid is perfect to nourish the skin and prepare it against external aggressions. In addition, tiger nut oil contains sufficient polyunsaturated fatty acids to fully meet the daily needs of the human body.

4. It helps give a healthy heart.

Tiger nut is the powerhouse of potassium. Potassium helps contribute to the proper functioning of cells and body organs, especially the heart. It is also responsible for maintaining proper regulation of muscle contraction and controlling blood pressure levels.

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