By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.

I won’t be the one to have the closing remark on this topic, no matter how belated my opinion comes. Clearly, it is an issue that would stay with Nigerians for a long time. All through the month of October, it was the biggest news on Nigeria’s news space. The print media as traditional and as conservative as it is, had a field day dwelling on the matter. The social media had no other space other than Tiwa’s story. Radio commentaries and analysis also gave it an adequate air play. Tv stations were not left out of the trendiest news of the year. Now, it’s not as if the matter is rested though, just that, the heat is a bit down. In all of these, there are critical moral questions we refused to ask and supplied with answers even as Tiwa bears her pain.

Tiwa Savage, is arguably one of the biggest names in the Nigerian entertainment scene. The name rings a bell amongst Nigerians and none Nigerians alike. She is a world class diva by any standard. If a Nigerian female singer qualifies for the next Grammy award, it could be Tiwa. Her style of Afro Beat music, is loved far and wide. She has not only got fame, she has also made some good money. That stands her out amongst the pack.

Now, the questions! Who made the sex video? What was the purpose? If the lady in the video is truly Tiwa, was she privy to it? I mean, was she aware that, that action was being captured on video? Is it the norm that, when an opportunity opens to have an affair with a super star, it must be an instrument of blackmail and extortion? Has Tiwa ever told anyone that, she was a virgin before and after the leaked video? After all, she is known to be a single mom, perhaps, from a failed previous relationship. Therefore, the question of “how does she justify her claim of virginity?” is out of the way. You can’t be a virgin and naturally be a mother. Tiwa is a proud mother of one. She had had affairs before the famous video and possibly, even as we speak. Nothing to hid on her part. That is public knowledge.

Therefore, the video could have been made public by the maker for the purpose of monetary gain. Blackmail! If this theory makes sense, the man behind the making and release of the video, ought to be the one at the receiving end. Definitely not Tiwa. Except of course, we are saying that, Tiwa has no business being in a relationship, be it serious or casual. Remember, the lady is human. She is at liberty to sleep with whosoever she wants to, as long as it doesn’t happen on the streets. Poor Tiwa! She met the wrong guy at a wrong location. Her purpose was different. She simply sought fun but, sadly, got fed with mud. This is where she needs our understanding and sympathy. The moral burden must be taken off her. The maker of the video must be made to bear it. She has lost so much by way of endorsement withdrawals by corporate bodies. Psychologically, the poor lady is in ruins. She doesn’t deserve this, simply because, she unknowingly slept with a lunatic who can not be trusted with such a mutual action. He should be the one at the receiving end. What the video tells is that, ab initio, the guy had it all figured out. To blackmail. He should be behind bars for blackmailing and attempted extortion.

For those who are of the view that, Tiwa released that video as publicity stunt, my question is how serious are you with this claim? Do you actually meant that, she was in that ugly scene for mere publicity? Damn! A no no for me. She couldn’t have done that to herself for the sake of money. Prove me wrong if you can.


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