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Troll Movie: Netflix’s newest blockbuster

Troll Movie: Netflix’s newest blockbuster

Newly released Troll comes with its sizzling plot that has got movie fans in high spirits to see what Netflix has in store for their entertainment this season.

The movie comes with elements such as that of King King, Godzilla and Independence Day all mixed together to create a simple, fun, action-packed thriller. .

The story centres on a group of misfits who come together to try and stop a monstrous creature from wreaking havoc across the country.

Pulling down everything it comes across, this creature sets its sights on Oslo and begins to march there menacingly with the government scampering to find a solution to the monster before it becomes too late.

With similarities to 90’s Godzila movie in tone and presentation, Troll is a movie whose story is a patent and also gives one a field day thinking of possibilities to the end of Norway’s monster fiasco.

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