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Unveiling the Unfounded Attacks on General Cecil Esekheigbe: A Defiant Defender of Esanland

Exploring the Exceptional Legacy and Unyielding Commitment of the People's General Amidst Baseless Criticism and Political Challenges

I have read and watched senseless and libelous write ups and videos aimed at at tarnishing the hard earned reputation of General Cecil Esekheigbe,a man who has done so much for Esanland .

If I am to list all he has done and still doing for Esanland ,there will be no space but I will mention just a few. Cecil popularly known as the People’s General earned this sobriquet for his great strides in removing our teeming youths out of the streets and enlisting them into the military,para- military, and different fields of human endeavour. Not mentioning the scholarship schemes for the down trodden and indigent personalities. Very recently he became the engine room coordinating the local security outfit named Atanakpa. I am aware of how he tasked all of us in diaspora to contribute to the funding of the programme because in his words ” our people are daily traumatised by bandits and kidnappers thus comprising their security and welfare”
A brilliant Soldier and a charismatic Diplomat who set a record as the Military Attache Nigerian High Commission London, United Kingdom .

Many Nigerians are still missing his numerous efforts at wiping their tears by assisting them with Consular problems even when it was not his primary responsibility. His fear of God combined with his love and care for Esanland earned him a chieftaincy title – THE OKANLETE OF ESANLAND,which means an uncommon defender and promoter of the welfare of the people. I was shocked when I heard he has ventured into Nigerian politics. I said to myself,why will this straight forward man intolerant of certain actions of some politicians do, dive into this murky waters.? Well I prayed for him to continuously be led by God and I am convinced of his undiluted love for his people.

I have been following his political trajectory and I was not surprised he was made the leader of his political party in our Senatorial District. I knew with time,he would redefine politics and bring civility to bear with a view to getting results. I am also convinced he would not soil his name for money and would defend Esanland within the ambit of the law.
Recent developments by faceless individuals sponsoring infantile and puerile publications against the man who is well respected even across the major political parties forced me to speak up. I am even more worried by the deafening and deliberate silence of a lot of our brothers and sisters over this ugly development. Though quite a few have responded and called out those in the misadventure. What is Cecil supposed to do that he has not done to promote the Esan Agenda? I called him and i got an excerpt of our discussion, and here are some. ( He made a huge sacrifice by not throwing his hat on the ring as a selfless leader even when he is manifestly qualified. He made efforts to prune the unwieldy numbers of Aspirant to a manageable number, he was called all sorts of names. He advised the Aspirants to self appraise themselves with a view of prunning down,it again fell on deaf ears. Even the Aspirants subjected themselves to another “superior” screening, same story. Even when only 2 Esan men were recommended to buy forms after the screening,we have some who went to buy forms making it 4 from Esan to contest the primaries. Though the recommendation was not legally binding it was morally binding because of the attendant effect it will have with 4 Esan men splitting their votes.
All the Aspirants from Esanland attended a meeting at the highest level of the party,but none agitated for the Rotational principle which is enshrined in the constitution of the party.

A golden opportunity missed at that point because the communique that came out of that meeting ruled out zoning or Rotational principle even when it was not discussed. Cecil and Esan Representatives have always stood their ground defending Esan interest in all the fora).

I am pained and every discerning Esan man and woman should be pained to see Street urchins and miscreants insult our leaders with no verifiable justification. A lot of us are even sharing these senseless videos . Is it to embarrass our General? Come On guys this is ugly and it should be condemned in its entirety. Is the General supposed to come out with troops to secure the ticket by force? All stakeholders both home and in diaspora have different roles to play in promoting Esan Agenda. Why has nobody querried the effect of the resignation of the State Chairman of APC who has abandoned his ship to contest election thereby living the General lonely at the top?- apologies to Asake. Why has someone not frowned at a recently elected Senator chasing the ticket instead of living the General lonely at the top? Why did the Aspirants not respect the leadership efforts of General to prune down the numbers?

My advice to the People’s General, continue to do your best and don’t be distracted. I laughed at the ignorant persons saying you want to betray Esan because you want appointment. You are well qualified for any appointment and in Western world,your likes are picked for quality service delivery. You have worked hard and God will reward you abundantly at his chosen time. Stay focused.
Dr, Mrs Evelyn Ailuosafe writes from Cambridge,England

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