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Warning: Pure Water Prices May Double to N100 per Sachet, Says ATWAP

The Association of Table Waters Producers (ATWAP) has raised concerns over the possibility of pure water being sold for as much as N100 per sachet due to mounting production challenges. Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the group cited issues such as the high cost of diesel, power shortages, and escalating production expenses as significant obstacles.


According to ATWAP representatives, the current selling price of pure water already reflects the economic hardships faced by producers. They highlighted the sharp increase in the cost of production materials, including nylon, which has surged from N1,100 to N3,600/N3,700 per 6kg. Additionally, rising treatment costs and fluctuations in prices further compound the challenges faced by water producers.


Expressing their predicament, one spokesperson emphasized the financial strain on producers, who often fund operations from personal savings or borrowed funds due to limited access to loans from financial institutions. The association urged Nigerians to understand the constraints faced by water producers and appealed for support to prevent the price of pure water from exceeding N20 per sachet.


As production costs continue to soar, ATWAP’s warning sheds light on the potential implications for consumers and highlights the need for collaborative efforts to address the underlying challenges in the water production industry.



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