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What Other Countries Did While Nigeria Was Praying.

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

I stumbled on this article in one of the social media platforms last week. The thoughts were simply compelling. They were attributed to Arc. Bishop Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto diocese of the catholic church. Matthew Kukah is not the type who shys away from issues no matter the nature. He says things the war they are, irrespective of whose ox is gored. Arguably, he is one of the most brilliant priests around. Quite cerebral, to put it simply! His use of words is uncanny. They naturally come handy to him. Like him or not, he remains one guy you can’t ignore. He is well respected, so also are his views. Whether the following opinions are his on not, they remain a true reflection of what Nigeria is and has been. Have a look!

While we were praying, Singapore went into investment in technology.

While we were praying, India went into ICT.

While we were praying, China went into massive industrialization.

While we were shouting Allah Alakuba! UAE went into massive infrastructural development.

While we were binding and casting Lucifer, Japan went into technological development.

While we were speaking in tongues, Denmark went into education of her citizens.

While we were mounting big speakers in our places of worship, USA was mounting man on the moon.

After our prayers, God, being a wise God decided to reward us according to our labour.

Since, those that went into industrialization, technology, infrastructural development, ICT, education etc had been rewarded accordingly. It’s only wise God rewards us with our efforts in prayers.

That’s why today, Nigerian pastors are competing in building the biggest churches. That’s why there are more prayer houses and worship places than hospitals and schools. That’s why people rush to prayer houses for medical and business solutions instead of hospitals.
That’s why we don’t do business proposals before jumping into business since we are going to back it up with prayers. And when such collapse, we blame devil.

That’s why it’s a sin to say anything negative about pastors and imams.

That’s why our pastors don’t consider the opinion of engineers while building and blame devil when the building collapsed.

That’s why faith in God replaces building pillars and when it collapsed we blame it on Lucifer.

That’s why our pastors are making sure they plant church branches instead of schools in every street in Nigeria.

That’s why we always wait for God to do that which ability to accomplish He has already handed over to us.

That’s why we want our teachers to labour on earth and come to heaven for their rewards.

Nigeria is a prayer loving, God fearing nation. Religion has taken the place of technology, infrastructure, education and all.

When we are traveling, we ignore all the necessary road requirements, servicing of our vehicles and pray. And, once we pray, we can put a half fit vehicle on the road and blame our step mother or mother in law if anything goes wrong.

That’s why there are more people dying on our roads than wild life animals in the wilderness.

Because, we pray and fast and leave everything to God when God has given us all we need to survive and build a nation…….
~God help us.🙏🙏


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