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Why I switched from beauty pageant to rap music — Munachi Abii

A previous glamorous lady, rapper, and entertainer, Munachi Abii has said excellence shows don’t set up the contenders for what lies ahead.

Abii, who won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (2007), in a meeting with Hip TV, said, “Being a glamorous lady was extremely intriguing. Tragically, I felt like I was pushed into the profound end (as well) speedy (ly). It isn’t just with regards to me. I feel it’s a delight exhibition industry thing. Magnificence exhibitions never truly set one up for what lies ahead. They simply advise one to assemble oneself, and that’s the long and short of it. They let one know that anything one does, one should ensure one doesn’t disregard the brand, essentially in the primary year. There is significantly more to it which I needed to learn en route.”

Talking on why she turned into a rapper, she said, “From that point, I turned into a rapper. I generally composed music. I had companions in the music business, so they brought me along. Regularly, lovely ladies are relied upon to be vocalists yet I would have rather not be like every other person. I needed to stick out and rapping was something that stuck out. Till date, I have not gone over any glamorous lady that raps.”

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