Women, are the glue that binds the world together.” By Senator Stella Oduah. – TrendyNewsReporters

Women, are the glue that binds the world together.” By Senator Stella Oduah.

Presented, by Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

Last week, the international community celebrated women on their special day. While the event was on, TrendyNews was undergoing the process of upgrade, with a view to serving you better. Happily, we are back and it is for good. However, we felt that, such an important event won’t pass by, without TrendyNews being part of it. Here, we are reproducing the thoughts of a foremost women rights activist and a serving Senator in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sen. Stella Oduah. Take it away…

Today, marks the international women’s day, and as usual, the attention of the world is drawn towards women and the challenges they face.

But unlike other years, this year’s theme: GENDER EQUALITY TODAY FOR A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW, revolves around seeking a permanent solution to gender related issues and towards according the woman the rights and respect she duely deserves.

All over the world, there seems to be an unwritten but prevailing law against the independence of women from the socio- cultural limitations that they have faced over time.

To some, a woman shouldn’t be trusted with leadership positions and such cases tend to be the basis upon which this year’s theme was built on.

When we hear “Gender equality”, most of us can’t see beyond the surface and to some, it simply evokes the image of women claiming to be same as men.

But no, that’s very wrong!

Gender equality simply means that both genders should have equal rights, be it as to social living, education, healthcare, work opportunities and others.

A woman shouldn’t be prevented from ascending the corporate ladders just because it is erroneously assumed to be strictly a man’s field.

A woman shouldn’t be paid less for a job that a man is paid higher for.

The list is endless.

Some centuries ago, nobody would have imagined that women would be elected leaders of some countries and states.

Even in our own continent, Africa, women were seen as just nursing mothers and wives but today, by sheer dint of hardwork and a perseverance that demands more than twice the work put in by men, women are being elected into office in our very own Africa!

To be clear, the world appears to be adjusting to the fact that success knows no gender for as we speak, the USA has a female VP, Brazil has had a female president, Liberia has had a female president, Germany has equally had a female leader, New Zealand has a female prime minister, Iceland has a female Prime Minister, Namibia has a female Prime Minister
Nepal has a female president.
The list is endless..

Right here in Nigeria, women are breaking the boundaries of gender superiority and are attaining heights never before envisaged and we must realize that unequal societies are less cohesive and more prone to violence and anti-social behaviors for countries with greater gender equality are more connected and their societies, healthier and have better well being.

There are 3 key things that I believe is vital to ensuring and achieving a gender equal society:

1) Terminating child marriage and sexual harassment – one of the down sides of gender inequality is the incessant abuse of women and the girl child. The UN has found that globally, one in three women will experience violence in her lifetime, with most violence against women perpetrated by a current or former partner.

2) Get women into power – A woman’s voice and her ability to become a leader in her community is fundamental to empowering women.

3) Encouraging women into non-traditional vocations – supporting women in non-traditional vocations is crucial in not only making long lasting change in their lives but also helping to break social taboos.

4. Ensuring that women participate fully in appointed and elective positions and having leadership institutions for women across the nation

5. Criminalization of discrimination against women in every aspect of society.

Having said all this, I believe the stage is set for women to soar and thrive alongside men in a society where they are respected, not for their gender but for the quality they bring to the table.

On this note, I wish all women, a happy international women’s da


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