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3 attributes that make Chilwell better than Cucurella at Chelsea’s left wingback role


Chelsea play with wingbacks in a system that is synonymous with the 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation. It is Manager, Thomas Tuchel most used formation since he began coaching the team back in 2021.

With this system, Chelsea have both right and left wingbacks. Currently, Reece James is the undisputed first choice in the right position but there is a little dilemma in the left position.

With English defender, Ben Chilwell’s impressive performance from the bench in Chelsea’s last game against West Ham, there have been calls for him to replace Spanish teammate, Marc Cucurella who is the current first choice in that position.

This might be true or not depending on your opinion but we will take a look at 3 attributes of Chilwell that supports the claim for him to bench Cucurella.

Here they are:

1. Attacking Contribution

Despite his season ending injury last campaign, few left sided defenders could match the attacking impact that Chilwell had for Chelsea. The England international showed it yet again in Chelsea’s first game of this season(when he won a penalty against Everton) and in the last game against West Ham where he scored and gave the assist for the winning goal. Cucurella is not that bad attacking wise but Chilwell does better offensively for Chelsea.

2. Goalscoring

As well as doing well to contribute in attack for Chelsea, Chilwell has an added attribute and advantage over Cucurella, he can score goals. This we have seen in the last two seasons he has spent at Chelsea.

3. Crossing

Marcus Cucurella is not a bad crosser in his own right but also in this part of the game, Chilwell beats him to it. Chilwell knows how to cross the ball into the 18 yard area more accurately and efficiently than Cucurella.

All the above mentioned attributes does not mean Marc Cucurella is not useful, he is and that is why Chelsea signed him. Defensively, he can do a better job than Ben Chilwell when compared.

What is your opinion?

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