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Varsity workers will embark on total strike if… -SSANU, NASU

The Joint Action Committee of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities and the Non-Academic Staff Union of Education and Associated Institutions have said they are ready to embark on a total strike if the Federal Government does not grant their requests.

Some of the items in the agreement JAC signed with the FG are the renegotiation of the 2009 agreement, payment of earned allowances, usurpation of non-academic career positions by vice-chancellors, the inclusion of university staff school into the university community, non-payment of minimum wage arrears, and funding of state universities.

A letter signed last Friday by the JAC said the president of SSANU President, Mohammed Ibrahim, and NASU General Secretary, Peters Adeyemi gave the order for a two-week warning strike which begins today.

Similarly, a statement by the Joint Action Committee made available to Trendynews on Monday asked its members to comply with the order to stay away from work for the next two weeks.

It read, “We urge all our members, in total compliance with the national directives to stay away from work from now on for the next two weeks.
“No work is to be seen more essential to another, if your employment is not needed you will not have been employed.
“These directives cover all levels of non-teaching staff ( Grade level 15 down to 2), all Heads of Section/Units/Departments,
“We are all in this struggle together to make it effective.

“Let’s pray and be hopeful that something significant will be done within the next two weeks or else let’s prepare for the mother of all strikes.
“My sincere apology to our esteemed students, parents, and to whom it may concern, it has been extremely difficult for many of us to sustain failed promises, lack of commitment, and insincerity of government as the strike is the only option opened to us when dialogues, lobbing and considerations have failed.

“Once again we are stronger together. We promised to be updating you as events unfold.
“No loitering, hanging, or lobbying under any form of disguise is allowed.”

JAC argued that the Federal Government had been nonchalant about the demands of the union, and asked its members to strictly adhere to the strike.

The JAC letter read in part: “Having waited so long, this is to inform you that the government has not responded nor reacted to our demands at this moment.”

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