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3 Crucial Sectors That Presidential Candidates Should Include In Their Manifesto


As the date for the commencement of campaigns across Nigeria is drawing nearer, the Presidential candidates must include the following crucial sectors in their Manifesto to tackle the problems being faced by Nigeria.

1. Insecurity

This is the major problem that the country is facing currently. The problem of insecurity has led to the destruction of lives and properties in the country. Although, the problem of insecurity was inherited by the current government but it has escalated from Bokoharam insurgents to banditry, IPOB, and Fulani herdsmen attacks. A serious presidential candidate will formulate plans to tackle the insecurity problems in the country and present such plans to Nigerians to verify in the form of a Manifesto.

2. Unity of Nigerians

It is glaring that Nigerians are divided along ethnic and religious affiliations. A reason for agitation by some Nigerians who felt they are being marginalized. The Presidential candidates should reveal how they will unite Nigerians if they are elected as the president of Nigeria.

3. Economy

Nigerians are complaining about the high cost of food items and other commodities in the market. Although this is due to the global economic downturn that has befallen the world from COVID-19 and the Russia/Ukraine war that has lingered over some time. But some economic analysts have opined that it is only Nigeria that is not benefitting from the crisis because of the subsidy regime. Therefore, the president must create a Manifesto that will include how they intend to tackle this problem.

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