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A Lesson In The Use And Transient Of Power.  

“Where did I go wrong and how is it possible that everything that could ever go wrong, has gone wrong right before my eyes?


I look around me and the walls keep crumbling, from aides in whom I placed so much trust betraying and brazenly disrespecting my wife to many others who only a month ago, swore that I was the best thing after God Almighty, now poking nasty jokes at my expense?


My God! Is this how Power is? This transient nature where one day, they hail you to high heavens and tomorrow, they curse the very ground you walk on?


I recall 8 years ago, enjoying myself in my Houston swimming pool with a glass of choice champagne when that phone call that would dramatically change my life came!


God knows I never wanted to become Governor and actually struggled with giving up my peace for a life in public office until that heated argument with Osodieme which led to a slap that brought me back to my senses!


Yes! I came down to Anambra with my then freshly done Jerry Curl hair, was immediately packaged and went through the whole gamut of campaigns which eventually led to victory at the polls!


Suddenly, I was Anambra State Governor, the most powerful man in the realm with far reaching powers to do and undo!


And Yes! Leeches in human form came in droves serenading me with names and titles that would make even the gods green with envy!


I was AKPOKUEDIKE, the giant slayer, who didn’t waste time to discard a predecessor that had spent time and resources installing me!


Yes! Peter Obi even with the billions he left behind, was not safe from my all consuming power mongering, for let’s face it, two captains could never be in the same ship and I was the undisputable Lord of the realms!


And so my Government began in earnest with tons of praise singers daily serenading me with tales they knew I loved to hear and persons like Tony Oli, my bosom friend and brother who actually was like a stabilizing force in my first tenure & Prof Asika, men who dared to be voices of reason in the stormy waters that was my Government, were maligned, lied against and pushed out by vultures in active connivance with my very own wife!


Suddenly, under my very eyes, I became powerless as I watched the respect otherwise due to me being accorded to my wife who increasingly became the unofficial Governor of Anambra State.


Under my powerless watch, Osodieme had her hands in all juicy pies from the ministry of lands where she collected kickbacks running into hundreds of millions to the monthly local government allocations where she, in collusion with my aides like Primus Odili, Fr. Manafa, Chinedu Obidigwe, Uzuegbunam Okagbue and a host of others to be later known as the cabal, ensured they determined who became local government TC Chairman and the kickbacks they got from it!


How could I tell the world that “AKPOKUEDIKE the Great” was a helpless simp who greatly feared his wife and was serially assaulted by her in our private moments?


How could I tell the world of a marriage where physical and emotional assault was the order of the day?


So I simply put up a stoic face in public while in private, greatly soaked myself in alcohol to drown away that shame and depression daily eating me up!


Yes! I became the laughing stock of aides who behind my back must have joked at the sorry excuse of a man that I was, for allowing my wife and a cabal, hijack my Government to the point where she actually started holding Exco meetings at our Aguleri home.


Yes! I heard it all!


I heard the jokes about Osodieme’s approval being more of a sure bet than mine and watched helplessly as many who understood this painful dynamic, rushed to worship at her feet for Government patronage.


I heard it all!


I watched Chinedu Obidigwe setting up U-AYA with the members loyal to him and him alone even when I was the Governor dispensing same patronage to the group and still could do nothing!


I watched them destroy APGA and turn it into a cash cow where aspiring members were milked and cheated to stupour and still, remained helpless!


And then after 8 years spent empowering these leeches, on the very last day I was to exit, Osodieme chose that very day to showcase to the world this unnerving impotence that I’d taken time to shield.


And right before the watchful eyes of the world, she chose that particular day to humiliate me and display that nasty side to her that I’d hidden for 8 years.


Drunk and completely berserk, she staggered into that hallowed and solemn arena to reveal to the world that I was nothing, a sissy and a man not in control of his family.


By that action, she exposed my complete inability to govern for how does a man who cannot control his home, control a state?


Yes! She showed exactly who was boss the entire 8 years and still, I remained helpless!


Today, the same aides I empowered and made stupendously rich, have ganged up against me and are now openly challenging my earlier endorsement for my wife’s senate ambition!


Primus Odili, a former taxi driver in America who I made my Chief of Staff and who only two months ago, swore that I was a godsent, is today contesting same ticket with Osodieme and his disloyal gang are rightly pushing the narrative of same Osodieme who never entertained and actually fought against the idea of any powerful woman emerging in APGA, an idea that saw her pushing away amazons like Bianca Onoh, a self serving idea that was against the growth of women in general, now attempting to be that all powerful female APGA central figure she never believed in.


The same hawks and monsters I greatly empowered now seek my ultimate humiliation!


Kai! This must be the same way Peter Obi felt when I immediately cast him off after he did everything in his powers to make me Governor!


The way I currently feel must be what he felt when I sponsored my media attack dogs to level all manner of spurious claims against his person.


But this Karma should have at least, taken some time to unleash it’s wrath because from the very day I handed over, I’ve known no peace and from detention, I’m now back to my country home in Aguleri where the phone calls & visits are no longer as regular as they were only two months ago.


Daily the silence which greets me is overwhelming and I still cannot wrap my head around the sudden change in status.


God karma! You came too early!”


Indeed, Mmaduaburochukwu!




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