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FMDQ Admits Emerging Africa Asset Management Ltd On Its Platform

FMDQ Group Plc, has endorsed for posting on its foundation, the one (1) billion units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Money Market Fund, the one (1) billion units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Bond Fund, the twenty (20) thousand units of $100.00 each Emerging Africa Eurobond Fund, and the 500 (500) million units of ₦1.00 each Emerging Africa Balanced Diversity Fund of Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited, EAAML.

EAAML is an auxiliary of the Emerging Africa Group, which gives portfolio the board administrations to individual and institutional financial backers internationally.

Talking on the fruitful posting of the Funds, the Managing Director, EAAML, Ms. Ada Ijara, remarked that “the Emerging Africa Group is satisfied to declare the posting by Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited of its bunch of four (4) Mutual Funds on FMDQ Exchange’s foundation to give the Funds the ideal perceivability and straightforwardness given by the stage.

The four (4) Mutual Funds, which are properly enrolled by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) furnish corporate and individual financial backers with amazing chances to put resources into a wide scope of basic resources, for example, cited value stocks, securities, eurobonds, depository bills and other fixed pay instruments. The Emerging Africa Money Market Fund puts resources into fluid and generally safe resources while giving capital protection and serious returns.

The Emerging Africa Bond Fund is appropriate for modestly moderate financial backers and offers better gets back with moderate gamble. The Emerging Africa Eurobond Fund gives a fence against nearby cash instability by putting resources into US Dollar named fixed pay protections at cutthroat returns.

The Emerging Africa Balanced Diversity Fund offers a moderate openness to values and fixed pay while propelling orientation variety with its emphasis on values of organizations with demonstrated orientation variety at board and the executives levels. The four (4) Mutual Funds offer incredible worth to the contributing public, taking care of their changing gamble cravings and venture inclinations.

We are appreciative to FMDQ Exchange for giving advantages to the Funds recorded on its foundation, including however not restricted to, worldwide perceivability through the committed ‘Assets’ page on the Exchange’s corporate site and value straightforwardness to the assets through their incorporation in the FMDQ Daily Quotations List”.

Additionally remarking on the effective issuance, the backer of the Mutual Funds and a Registration Member (Listings) of the Exchange, EAC Advisory Limited, through its Managing Director/Group Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Toyin Sanni, communicated extraordinary enjoyment at the posting of the four (4) Mutual Funds on the FMDQ’s foundation.

She additionally expressed that “EAC Advisory is satisfied, as Financial Advisers on the issuance and posting of the four (4) Mutual Funds, to have upheld Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited in the turn of events and prologue to the market of such an exhaustive and imaginative scope of speculation items.

We thank the SEC on the help accommodated drives like this which widen options for retail financial backers, while giving hearty administrative oversight to the insurance of financial backers. Yet again we are eager to join forces with FMDQ to acquaint unrivaled items with the Nigerian Capital Market.

We commend FMDQ for giving an effective posting process, administration oversight, straightforward evaluating system, and admittance to an expansive financial backer base. The Emerging Africa Group will keep on banding together with imaginative Issuers to introduce appealing venture amazing open doors from African business sectors”.

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