“Gov. Fayemi Told Me That Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket Would Be Hard to Sell” -Rufai Oseni – TrendyNewsReporters

“Gov. Fayemi Told Me That Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket Would Be Hard to Sell” -Rufai Oseni


A leading Nigerian journalist, Rufai Oseni, has recalled details of his recent interview with the Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, regarding the challenges surrounding the ticket of APC’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu. Speaking on VOP, Rufai revealed what the prominent APC leader said to him regarding the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Addressing the topic, Rufai said, “I recall my interview with APC’s Governor Fayemi here on VOP on Sunday. Governor Fayemi told me that the Muslim-Muslim ticket would be hard to sell. Indeed, it is a hard sell. Many people can cite 1993 and the likes, but the religious problem in Nigeria is on the increase. The security officers are insisting that they are still searching for Deborah’s main killer. I think the lady died in vain as the case may be over.

He continued, “A girl was burnt to death because of her religious beliefs in this country, and the case seems to have been swept under the carpet. The killers of Eunice Olawale and Bridget are still unknown. I look forward to the day when religion will not be vital in electing people, as that is the ideal Nigeria that I desire. However, idealism is different from realism. What is real on the ground matters.

You can watch the interview here. (10:30 minute)

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