by Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr

The youths in Igueben LGA under the aegis of Matt Okonoboh Project 2022 Solidarity Forum For Good Governance, are rallying support for the business tycoon and popular philanthropist, Engr Matt Okonoboh, ahead of the forthcoming electoral 2022 Council Chairman election.

Leader of the group and national president of the association, High Chief(Dr) Augustine. A Ojiezele, in a press statement said that, Igueben youths’ resolve to support Engr Matt Okonoboh was based on his track record of excellence, integrity, accountability and benevolent activities.

According to High Chief(Dr) Augustine A. Ojiezele, Engr Matt Okonoboh has spent the last decade providing scholarships, funding corpers to intervene in teacher scarcity in Ekpon Secondary School, providing employment opportunities, empowerment schemes for youths and market women and other philanthropic gestures towards people in all the nooks and crannies of Igueben LGA.

Pleading with political leaders, youths, women and elders, High Chief(Dr) Augustine A. Ojiezele asked for their support saying it is high time the people put a stop to selfish politicians who would mortgage people’s welfare for their personal aggrandisement.

“We must not miss this golden opportunity the coming general elections offer to elect credible and trustworthy representatives to provide quality leadership for our people; we have the capacity to vote the right aspirants into every electoral office and people like Engr. Matt Okonoboh are the kind of people we should be pushing forward to take up these leadership roles”.

We, on our own part, would do everything humanly possible to ensure that, this savvy, young and vibrant gentleman, participates actively in the coming electoral process. We have got to redefine governance and give it a human face.

In response to this clarion call, Engr Matt Okonoboh, has this to say during a phone conversation from his base in the UK.

“It is not (going to be) business as usual. That is a fact that we are going to establish for the first time in our LG history.

Without a doubt, Local Government governance is a very serious affair and it is the most important tier in Government.

Local Government brings the government directly to the people!”

A Local Government Chairman therefore, must be a person with an in-depth understanding of what the people need (be it in Health, Commerce, Education or Social and Youth) at every point in time.

He has to be a knowledgeable person. Someone with a natural inclination to people’s welfare. He must possess vital facts and figures about the local government. Besides, he must be an innovative and creative person with a proven ability to ‘make things happen’.

A person that understands the social urgency to give the common man and the youth in particular, a sense of belonging; even within the limit of the resources of the local government.

We are not talking about the size of the jeep or the convoy. We are referring to an outright social engineering of our decaying nation beginning from the grassroots. This transformation can start from Igueben LGA! Something can be done with any budget!

After one year, I must, if elected, be able to convince the good people of Igueben that there is a Chairman who did a thorough homework and preparation before bringing himself forward for election!

Because I am involved, I know the pains of getting the members of the community to donate their hard earned money to execute every little project (projects within local govt jurisdiction and financial capacity) that the local government is elected to execute!


Enough is Enough! Let’s make the founding fathers proud! Let’s rejuvenate Igueben NOW! The time for a new movement is upon us! Let’s move! he concluded.

Engr. Matt Okonoboh is an embodiment of credibility and competence and when the right time comes, we shall go all out in Igueben LGA to mobilise support for him, especially within the younger generation that is forever craving for good governance. The High Chief concluded.

Meanwhile, Engr. Matt. Okonoboh hails from Ekpon town. He is from the politically famous Okonoboh family, which until recently, produced the speaker of Edo State House of Assembly. He attended the prestigious University of Benin, where he majored in Engineering. Prior to this, he was a product of the famous Annunciation Catholic College, ACC, Irrua, after a brief sojourn at Igueben Grammer School, in Igueben.

Politically savvy, Matt holds a Master degree in Business Administration from the UK. Fashionable in every ramification and with an eye for perfection, Matt is from a strict Christian background. He is happily married and the union is blessed with God fearing and upwardly mobile children.


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