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Leadway Assurance Revolutionizes Vehicle Assessment Process With Mobile Phones Enabled AI tool “Leadway VehiScannerAI”

reiterates commitment to reducing customers’ pre & post loss-inspection wait time


In actualization of its promise to continually deploy the latest technological innovation and the power of artificial intelligence to enhance and simplify processes and bolster easy access to its services, Leadway Assurance, Nigeria’s foremost insurer, is proud to announce the launch of a digital vehicle assessment process called the “Leadway VehiScannerAI“.


The “Leadway VehiScanner”, an artificial intelligence-enabled tool available on mobile devices, is set to transform the vehicle assessment process, allowing users to scan vehicles, identify damages, facilitate pre & post loss inspection, get the instant inspection report, and accelerate claims requests processes for policyholders, all done conveniently from their mobile devices.


Commenting on the innovation, the Chief Executive Officer of Leadway Assurance, Tunde Hassan-Odukale, stated, ‘As a forward-thinking organization, we aim to continually lead the market by employing revolutionary tech-backed innovative solutions that seamlessly improve the customer experience, deliver unparalleled convenience that will ultimately culminate in speedy and simplified claims payment processes, which is where the insured gets the benefits of procuring an insurance policy. The introduction of the Leadway VehiScanner ticks all these boxes.


“With the Leadway VehiScannerAI, we eliminate the tedious and time-consuming traditional vehicle inspection process that requires policyholders to visit physical inspection centres. This AI-powered tool helps the policyholders perform comprehensive inspections remotely and conveniently via their mobile phone and instantly gets a robust result of inspections and areas that require attention”, Mr. Hassan-Odukale added.


The Leadway VehiScannerAI combines state-of-the-art computer vision and machine learning algorithms to accurately identify a wide range of vehicle damage, from minor scratches and dents to more complex external (vehicle body) issues on the vehicle. It delivers precise and reliable results. This advanced technology saves policyholders time and ensures a thorough assessment, minimizing the risk of missed or overlooked faults. 


To avail of the benefits of this innovation, policyholders will receive a vehicle inspection request email with a link to access Leadway’s ‘VehiScanner’ tool. Users can initiate the scanning process by selecting either the video or picture option and rotating their mobile devices to landscape mode. The tool guides them through four scanning stages, including a 360-degree scan, Vehicle Identification Number, odometer, and damages. Once completed, users would click on ‘Submit and Upload,’ and a copy of their vehicle inspection report will be emailed to them in PDF format.


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