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Leveraging Technology For Background Verification

Technology is impacting practically everything in our world today. It has pushed industries to change course and look for alternatives to keep running their businesses – optimally using technology and digitization, which historically have been a manual effort. Lockdown and social distancing norms have compelled industries to adopt the digital universe. Acknowledging the facts and making the best use of the resources at hand is key to success and thriving in the respective industry. The Digital shift: The recruitment system has shifted drastically from physical to virtual interviews. In-person interviews have been replaced by Zoom meetings and video conferencing. After tedious recruitment, a prospective job applicant must go through a meticulous process of background verification no matter which country, post, job, or position he/she belongs to or has applied for. Background verification is a very critical step, and companies cannot afford to miss or overlook this step. The speed at which recruiters can do a background screening of a prospective candidate is one of the most significant impacts of technology in the recruitment industry. What once took days or even weeks to investigate thoroughly can now be done almost instantly. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have redefined the entire background screenings. Partnering with the right background screening vendor It is also vital to select the right background screening company or vendor, especially in this time of uncertainty, as this often leads to fraudulence or duping. Background Verification is a crucial requirement deeply rooted in the business sector, including business enhancements, data security, compliance, and more. Centralized documentation A centralized documentation system makes it easier for applicants and recruiters to upload documents. With just a few clicks, any information can be cross-examined or referred to for future purposes. Given the current scenario, organizations are open to accepting digitally signed personal information details. This rules out the misuse of physical documents or resources. However, any wrong entry, incorrect number, or even a misspelling can put the entire process at a halt. Digital transformation provides a valuable opportunity to embrace automation of processes in place of manual hard work. To meet the urgent hiring needs, companies have transferred the verification process from standard to digital modes of verification. Employment Verification through UAN: Many large organizations collaborate with authorized institutes to accelerate the verification process. A central pool of ex-employee records is created by a few companies which only authorized partners can access. The employment details can be verified using UAN/PF in the UAN portal digitally. With more than half of the world working from home, the records or sources can now only be obtained online. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), companies can now decipher tons of data in just a few minutes. Digital Address The rampant havoc and the hybrid work model introduced by corporates have created a stir in manual address verification. Owing to GPS tracking technology, confirming or finding a location accurately is not a challenge anymore. Digital Address verification automated process helps accelerate verification with increased efficiency and accuracy, delivering the best candidate experience. Digital onboarding is another solution for any organization that is trying to adapt to the new normal. The service assures efficient online onboarding of the candidate, removes the hassle of paperwork, and further eliminates the need for the candidate’s physical presence. Finally, it can be concluded that the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have transformed the way companies recruit. By locating connections, decoding their meaning, and raising the red flags, technology can ensure the quality of hires. At the same time, it can also help companies achieve a lower employee turnover ratio. Advance recruitment aid software can collect data from various sources, like social media, blacklists, adverse media, legal records, and other online platforms. As we continue to sail through the current times, the world has found new and creative ways to overcome the restrictions. Companies are progressing, albeit slowly, to overcome the challenges by using technology and its far-reaching tentacles. As a result, lives are getting simplified. (The author is Senior Vice President & Head – Commercial, First Advantage India, a US-based background verification firm and the views expressed in this article are his own)

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