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Looted Certificates Claims: How Far Can Bola Ahmed Tinubu Go With This?

By Ebor Cletus Ralph Jr.



Reno Omokri a Nigerian lawyer and fiery human right activist, took to his official Twitter handle to hazard a guess why Ahmed Bola Tinubu is claiming that he lost his primary and secondary school certificates.


Following the recent trending story that, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress APC told INEC that, he didn’t attend any primary and secondary schools or that, the certificates obtained from them were stolen while on self imposed exile in the 90s, but, claims to have university degrees, gets people like Reno Omokri truly worried.


Reno feels that, it was not possible for him (Tinubu) to have  jumped from  primary and secondary schools straight into a university, and that no university accepts such arrangement.


Speaking further, he stated that Tinubu knows why he is claiming that he didn’t attend primary and secondary schools.


In his opinion, Reno claimed that Tinubu is denying his Primary and secondary education  background only because, if he (Tinubu)  brings his primary and secondary school certificates, they would expose the lies he had told Nigerians about his name and age.




Could Tinubu genuinely deny the fact that, he never attended primary and secondary schools? Has the denials got anything to do with his real identity? Time will tell.




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